On Tuesday, April 28th, Donald Trump made various claims about the state of Coronavirus testing in the United States. Here are two major claims that were found to be untrue:

The United States would “very soon” hit 5 million COVID-19 tests a day.

Reporter: “Did I hear you saying you’re confident you can surpass 5 million tests per day?  Is that —”

President Donald Trump: “Oh, well, we’re going to be there very soon.  If you look at the numbers, it could be that we’re getting very close.  I mean, I don’t have the exact numbers.  We would’ve had them if you asked me the same question a little while ago because people with the statistics were there. We’re going to be there very soon. 


This has been refuted by Assistant Secretary of Health Brett Giroir, who is in charge of the Coronavirus testing response. When asked about the president’s claims, Giroir said: “there is absolutely no way on Earth, on this planet or any other planet, that we can do 20 million tests a day, or even five million tests a day.”

Verdict: False

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The United States is testing more than every other country combined.

We are way ahead on testing, we are the best in the world on testing. We have tested much more than anybody else, times two – or, every country combined. We’ve tested more than every country combined.

President Donald Trump

According to Worldometer: the United States have issued 6.1 million tests as of this article’s writing, good for the highest volume of testing for any one country in the world. It does not, however, match the rest of the world’s countries combined, which comes in at over 25 million tests.

The United States is indeed testing more than every other country, but not more than all of them combined.

Verdict: Mostly False

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